Privacy Window Film for Windows

There are many advantages to tinting your car windows. Some of the most popular reasons why people choose to tint are the cosmetic benefits, the cool looks these films offer as well as the added privacy. But tinting your car’s windows also has benefits to your comfort, health and the longevity of your car’s upholstery […]

Privacy Glass Film

Privacy glass film is an excellent addition to your home, workplace or car’s security. Not only could it help improve the privacy of your spaces, but it could also provide added protection against prying eyes. And with our wide array of window film choices, you can even get creative while you’re at it! For example […]

Premier Window Tinting

When it comes to tinting your windows, you really only have two choices, either you use ordinary tint and make your window 2-3 shades darker, or you could go the premier window tinting route where you use special transparent material that will still make your business available from the inside and yet protect your employees […]

Patterned Window Film

Unleash the designer in you with Tint a Car’s range of designer glass film! Whether you’re looking for a creative window film design for your store front, coloured glass for your home or frosted film for your office, look no further. Read more about Decorative Window Films > Designer Glass And make use of our […]

Opaque Window Film

An opaque window film is one of the most effective and convenient ways to add more privacy to your home or office by adding a small layer of vinyl over the windows. In the past when a homeowner or business owner wanted to make the windows in their property opaque, they would have to remove […]

One Way Window Film

Improve the privacy of your home If you’re looking for ways to improve privacy in your home, then an application of the one way window film might just be the answer for you. From the outside, the window will simply appear to be reflective, but if you’re on the inside, you’ll be able to see […]

Office Window Tinting

Imagine how exciting it would be to own a Ferrari? A Ferrari is in a class of its own when it comes to sports cars. They are luxurious and any lover of fine cars would make sure that it maintained its exquisiteness from day one. However, there’s something out there that wants to destroy the […]

Office Glass Window Tinting

In this article, find out about our range of office tinting options and the benefits of office glass tinting. Tint-a-Home is New Zealand’s most trusted office tinting specialist. We have been providing tinting solutions in New Zealand for over 50 years and offer a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on most of our films, which are government certified by ARPANSA […]

Mirror Window Film

Mirror window film is a great alternative to traditional darker shades of window film. This is especially true for high rise buildings and office complexes, where privacy is important. Exceptional benefits Mirror film for windows has many benefits, compared to plain non-tinted glass. These include: Exceptional heat and glare reduction – With up to 85%, […]

Johnson Window Films

Having provided window films to various homes and office buildings for over 50 years, we have become one of New Zealand’s top professional tinting services. Not only do our years of experience outnumber our competitors such as Johnson Window Films, but we also offer so much more Never be out of options with a large range […]