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Removing Old Window Tint

Removing old car window tint is something that should be done with the use of the right tools and cleaning agents, due to the nature of car window tint films. Most window films are made of two layers that are bonded to each other to form a single coating. Dangers of DIY Window Tint Removal […]

Remove Window Tint

Avoid sticky residue remains Many online resources explain the process of how to remove window tint, but it is often not as easy as it seems. To ensure a clean, professional finish every time, we recommend the use of specialised tools and chemicals. Depending on the type of tint and the window, it is often […]

Installing Tint On Car Windows

The installation of window tint on cars has been proven over the years to have many direct benefits compared to traditional plain glass. Some of these benefits include: Reduction of glare – installing tint film is an excellent way of reducing glare from the sun. This could help in increasing the safety of your drive […]

Install Window Tint

Thinking of DIY tinting your car? There are plenty of tint suppliers now encouraging their customers to purchase DIY tint kits, which claim to promote a hands-on approach for installing your own tint film. While this may sound like an excellent, cost efficient way of obtaining a bit of experience in tinting for yourself, or […]

How to Tint Windows at Home

If you’re looking to reduce your energy bills and wondering how to tint windows at home, consider your local Tint a Home experts. With many types of home window tints available, professional advice and personalised solutions make tinting home windows easy. Avoid DIY disaster and worrying about how to put window tint on home windows […]

How to Tint Windows

Wondering how to tint windows? Installing window tint in your home or office is a big step, but it comes with many benefits. Unlike car tinting, you have much more flexibility with designs, logos, patterns and opacities, all with different benefits. Instead of spending time searching “how to tint a window?” or “how to use […]

How To Tint Car Windows

Car Window Tinting Benefits Car window tinting gives your car a sleek and modern look, but can also have other benefits that are often overlooked. Tinted car windows can help protect your car, its contents as well as you and your family by helping prevent harmful UV rays, solar heat and glare, making your car […]

How To Remove Window Tinting

Our experts & trained professionals are here to help Removing window tinting is something that must be done with caution and care, to ensure that no damage occurs to the glass surface or any electronic components nearby. While there are many DIY guides that suggest removing old window tint by yourself, it’s always better to […]

How to Remove Window Tint

Whether you’re unhappy about your previous tint application, or you just want a change, there are so many do-it-yourself options online that can teach you how to remove a window tint. Although it might sound tempting, the reality is that the outcome of any do-it-yourself project won’t compare to the quality of something that’s done […]

How To Remove Car Window Tint

Professionals at Tint a Car suggest that you do not DIY, see why. A good car window tint looks great and helps protect your car from heat, UV rays and break-ins. However, a cheap and poorly applied car window tint can be unsightly and dangerous. Over time, low quality window tint can bubble, streak or […]