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Car Window Tint Film Removal

Tinting your car windows provides many benefits that include protection from harsh ultra violet radiation from the sun, helping reduce glare and last but not least, making your car look sleeker and more stylish. However, before applying new car window tint, you need to ensure that the windows are free from old tint – which […]

Car Tinting FAQ

Your Questions Answered For most new car owners, picking the right tint and tint provider for tinting car windows might seem like an overwhelming task. Plus, the fact that most suppliers use different terms and price structures for their products and services don’t help either. However the process of tinting a car is quite simple, […]

Car Tint Removal

We’re on a mission to rid New Zealand of old bubbly tint! While there are plenty of articles and videos online explaining how to remove car tint, removal of old car window tint is not quite as easy or straightforward in most cases. Depending on the type of tint film to be removed, Tint a Car […]

Bubbled Window Tint Removal

Almost all car enthusiasts would agree that car window tint helps a car stand out. Not only does it help in improving the looks of your car, it also provides superior protection from harmful UV rays compared to stock windows – which makes the application of car window tint almost a no brainer! With style […]

Applying Window Tint to Car

Tinting car windows might seem like an ideal DIY project that you could try your hand in over a weekend, but it’s not always as straightforward as those who sell DIY car window tint advertise them to be. Applying window tint to cars requires patience and skills to ensure that perfect finish; without which would […]

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