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Tinting Van Windows

Tinting van windows has many benefits – one of the most distinct benefits is the ability to reduce heat build-up in your cabin, making your ride cooler and more comfortable during those hot summer days. Another important aspect of window tints is its ability to reduce glare, resulting in less eye strain and increased visibility, […]

Sunblock Window Film

While most of us use sun block to help prevent the damaging effect of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, little do we realise that a large portion of this exposure is while travelling in our cars. To help reduce exposure to UV rays, consider installing sunblock window film on your car windows. With up to […]

Street Legal Tint

Are you after the darkest street legal tint? Keep cool and look cool with Tint a Car’s Octane – it’s the darkest legal window tint in New Zealand. Octane will provide your car with maximum glare, heat and UV protection. Not to mention the ultimate in looks and privacy- you can unleash your dark side. Plus […]

Reflective Glass Film

Why add Reflective Glass Film to your car windows? There are many reasons why people add a reflective glass film to tint their car windows. There are practical as well as stylistic reasons for doing so. This article will cover the considerations that should be made before making the alterations to your car. Tint Blocks […]

One Way Mirror Film

While one way mirror privacy window film is not legal in New Zealand, Octane – our range of darkest legal window tints are an excellent way of getting the one way mirror film look without an expensive ticket for driving a non-roadworthy car. With exceptionally deep blacks, our darkest legal tint is sure to satisfy those looking […]

Octane Window Tint

Vehicle window tinting is extremely popular these days. Many people love the sleek vibe it gives cars, but tinted windows also provide an array of exciting benefits in general. Not only does it defend you from aggressive ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the sun, but it also helps cars stay cool during the warmer months […]

Mobile Window Tinting

Tinting car windows is a great idea whatever way you look at it. Whether it’s making your car look sleek, stylish and sophisticated or maintaining better thermal efficiency due to restricted heat exchange, the benefits of tinting your car’s windows are numerous. However, finding the time to tint your windows could be challenging – with […]

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