Car Window Repair

It is a fact that with most car window repair companies, your repair can be done on the spot of the breakage, and will probably end up costing you nothing, as most car repair companies have relationships with the major insurance companies, and most car glass breakage is covered with not deductible. It doesn’t matter […]

Car Paint Protection Is It Worth It

Surface coatings have come a long way over the years – from improved paint protection products, to more advanced manufacturing and paint application processes. Considering this advanced technology, if you just bought a new car and are wondering “is paint protection worth it on a new car?”, below are some factors you may not have […]

Best Window Tint

With many suppliers of home tint film in the market, choosing the best window tint for your home might feel overwhelming. This is why researching about the best window film providers before committing is important. Not only does this help get you the most value for money, but also helps determine their service record in […]

Best Way to Tint Car Windows

Want the best way to tint car windows? Tinting car windows is a great way to give your car a facelift while matching your personality and lifestyle. However, with the many health benefits, tinting is much more than just visual appeal – with UV protection of up to 99%, car tint film helps reduce harmful […]

Best Sun Control Film for Cars

Sun control film is an excellent addition to your car in more way than one. Benefits of Sun Control Film include: sleeker and sportier look reduce heat build-up inside your car AC system works less harder thereby helping to save fuel Tint a Car is trusted by car owners all across New Zealand to install some […]