Solar Control Tint

Thermal Window Film

While most people think that thermal window film helps reduce the amount of heat and glare entering through windows in warmer months, there’s more to it than just that. While it certainly does help reduce heat entering, during the colder seasons it also helps reduce the amount of energy lost through your windows. This means […]

Sun Control Window Film

Solar or sun control window film is a great way to reduce the amount of sunlight entering through your home windows. They can even be installed on your existing windows you don’t need to wait around to replace your existing windows to start enjoying the benefits of sun control window films! Advantages of Solar Film […]

Solar Window Film

Solar window film is a practical and economical investment in your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. This is due to many reasons The Benefits of Window Tinting Increased privacy and security – with a darker shade of solar film for home windows, you can easily enhance the privacy and security of your living spaces, by […]

Reflective Window Film

When you see a reflective window film, it most likely would have appeared on commercial or industrial buildings. The window reflective film provides an increased heat reduction to the building, as well as controlling glare. Not only are these films aesthetically pleasing, especially on those high rise offices, but they are extremely effective. Wide selection […]

Low E Window Film

Almost always, energy bills take up a sizable amount of our monthly budgets. But you could avoid getting enormous energy bills with the aid of low e window film. Here are some good reasons why you should consider installing low e window film in your car or home: Prevents heat from escaping during the cold […]

Low-E Coating

With windows often seen to be the most contributing factor of heat exchange, glass manufacturers are constantly trying to improve plain glass. This is where low-e coatings come in. Low-e coating has been developed to reduce the amount of infra-red and ultraviolet light (of up to 99%) that passes through glass without compromising the light […]

Insulation Film

Insulation film is a great investment for your homes plain glass windows. Not only does it help reduce the amount of UV you and your family are exposed to, but thermal insulation film also reduces energy exchange through your windows – leading to heating & cooling savings.   Reduce the amount of UV in your […]

Insulating Window Film

Window Films vs. Glass Replacement In most homes and office buildings, windows account for approximately 40% of the total heat loss. It’s therefore important to provide some sort of insulation for your windows. Traditionally, this meant the installation of double glazed windows, in which the air between the glass panes acts as a thermal insulator, […]

Heat Reflective Window Film

With summer here, there’s no better time to arm yourself against the heat and UV rays than installing heat reflective window film on your home windows. With superior glare reduction and up to 99% reduction of UV, Tint a Car’s range of residential heat blocking window film is your ultimate defence against summer’s harsh conditions. […]