EliteX Shampoo helps
maintain that shine.

pH neutral solution
extra protection to keep the shine.

Exclusive formulation
completely compatible with EliteX.

Solvent and degreaser free
which helps prolong the gloss and shine.

Undiluted EliteX shampoo
helps remove bird, bat and bug stains.

Get EliteX Shampoo interest free with
Exclusive Formula

to be used with EliteX protection products

High Gloss Mirror-Finish

making your car shine brighter than ever

Protects your Paintwork

from bird droppings and bug stains

Maintain the Gloss

with pH neutral shampoo

EliteX Shampoo is strongly recommended
to help prolong gloss and shine.

EliteX Shampoo is specially formulated to protect your vehicles paintwork after EliteX ceramic paint protection has been applied to your vehicle’s exterior surfaces.

Although your EliteX Ceramic Paint Protection warranty gives you a *Lifetime Nationwide Warranty against weather induced oxidisation, fading and loss of gloss, damage caused by bird and bat droppings, bugs and tree sap, we strongly recommend that you use EliteX shampoo to prolong that gloss and shine. Ask in-store for details.

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