Bathroom Window Tint

Spice up your bathroom décor with the best window film suppliers in New Zealand. We have a range of options to choose from so you can be creative with various designs.

Choose a Decorative Bathroom Tint

We offer a range of opaque, patterned and customisable tints. With options to customise the shade, print logos and adding graphics, we are the window film suppliers to go to. All of the films are available at a Tint a Car near you, for use on interior or exteriors of windows.

Bathroom Window Tint

Having over 50 years of experience, Tint a Car are the right window tint suppliers for you. We are leading the way with home tinting technology, so you can be sure you are making the right choice. Our staff all complete training and are knowledgeable to answer all your home tinting questions!

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Contact us on 13TINT today and take a step towards giving your bathroom a new look!

Bathroom Window Tint

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