Best Bathroom Window Privacy Film

Tint a Home offers the best privacy window film for bathrooms. In this article find out about the privacy tint options we have available New Zealand wide.

Tint a Home is New Zealand’s most trusted home tinting specialist. We have been providing tinting solutions in New Zealand for over 42 years and offer a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on most of our films.

All installations are also done by professional installers. Learn more about our bathroom window privacy films below.

Privacy Protection Film In The Home

Bathroom Window Privacy Tint Options

  1. Solar Film
    This film is the ultimate in bathroom window privacy film with the choice of a reflective film that turns your windows into a mirror, so those on the outside cannot see within. Solar Film also ensures more year round comfort by keeping your bathroom cooler in summer months and warmer during winter.
  2. Decorative Film
    This opaque frosted bathroom window privacy tint offers privacy for external windows but can also act as a divider in your bathroom space providing internal privacy. It can also add a unique layer of creativity to your bathroom with customised designs applied to the film.

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