Best Window Tinting Film for Cars

Picking the best window tint film for cars can be a hard step to make, and we at Tint a Car understand that. However, picking the best auto window tint film is only a part of the decision of which car tint to pick – tint shade, protection, quality and professional installation all play equal importance in your decision of picking the best automotive window tint for your car.

Best Window Tinting Film For Cars - 4 Wheel Drive


octane window film

Octane is Tint a Car’s range of darkest legal tint film. Octane is the best window tint option for those that seek the ultimate in looks and privacy, while at the same time maximizing the reduction of glare, heat and increased UV protection

Being the darkest legal tint film, Octane is your best tint film bet if you’re after a stylish film for your car, as it combines a great look and privacy and protection while maintaining affordability.


unbreakable window film

Unbreakable film provides a strengthening and protective barrier for your car windows.

This makes it one of the best automotive tint films available if you’re after safety and protection, as it helps hold the glass together even if the actual structure of the glass is compromised during an attack.

With the option of clear or tinted film available, Unbreakable film is your best car tint option for helping prevent smash and grab break-ins.

Midnight Express

Midnight Express - Window tint

Midnight Express is another great window tint film option for cars that you might want to consider, if you’re after a tint film that offers stylish looks combined with exceptional value for money.

With excellent glare reduction and Lifetime Nationwide Warranty, Midnight Express is one of the best window tinting film available in the market today, offering great looks and plenty of protection to suit your lifestyle!

So if you’re wondering what is the best car window tint for your car, contact your local Tint a Car store – our team of friendly yet professional car window tinting professionals are sure to be more than happy to help you pick the right tint for your car!

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