Car Window UV Protection

Installing car UV protection film is a great way of protecting you and your family from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays when driving. In addition, car window UV protection introduces a host of other benefits too.

Car Window Tint UV Protection

Invest in the health of you, and your loved ones today

Additional Benefits to Protective Film

  • Sleek look – a darker shade of car UV protection film such as our darkest legal tint offers exceptionally good looks and performance to match.
  • Long term value – UV protection car tint helps keep your car’s interior looking newer for longer. It helps reduce the damaging effects that UV may have – including cracking, fading and discolouration. Our Formula One film offers SPF 50+ protection for those looking for exceptional car UV protection film.
  • Safety – reduced glare and UV means a safer drive for you and your family. Our Unbreakable safety film also helps protect against smash and grab attacks and helps hold glass together in the event of shattering.
  • Warranty* – a lifetime nationwide warranty* gives you peace of mind knowing your film is guaranteed to last.

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* Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply

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