Custom Car Wraps

Personalise your car to the next level with our range of 3M custom car wraps. Using the very latest technology, our range of 3M wraps provide a cost effective way to transform your car, and give it a touch of individuality.

Full or Partial Wrapping

Whether you’re after a full wrap or custom car hood wraps, the choice is yours. With a range of custom car wrap colours to choose from, you can even mix and match to create the exact look you’re after.

Custom Car Wraps - Wrap Colour Chart

Our range of custom car wraps includes:

  • Colour Flip – film that project different colour shades depending on environment lighting and the angle at which is it being viewed from.
  • Matte – provides a unique flat colour appearance across your car.
  • Gloss – perfect for a quick colour change or advertising your business branding and marketing information.
  • Satin – a clean mix of gloss and matte which provides a beautifully unique finish
  • Carbon Fibre – get the carbon look without the cost of expensive carbon fibre treatments.
  • Brushed Metal – provides a bare metal-like look and is great for trim linings, accent panels, and whole panels alike.

Custom Car Wraps Near Me?

To find your local dealer, get in touch with your local store. We have stores located across New Zealand ready to help you with all your custom car wraps.

How to Apply Window Tint - Ford Ecosport Min

Find your local store and transform your car today!

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