Darkest Legal Tint

Many people consider getting their car windows tinted. However, when you do this you need to consider what the darkest legal tint is and whether or not this is what you are going to be getting. There are a number of repercussions that you could face if you tint your windows darker than the legal limit.

Where You Live

Before you have your windows tinted you need to consider what the rules are in your local area. While there are tint laws that cover each state the local authorities me enforce different regulations. You should contact your local law enforcement agency to determine what the tint laws are in your area.

Tint Percentage

When you look at the darkest legal tint you are going to be looking at how much light the tint allows into the vehicle. There are certain states in the United States of America where the tint needs to allow only 35% of light into the vehicle. However, there are other states that insist that at least 70% of light be let in.

The Window You Tint

The laws and regulations that affect the tinting of windows will vary depending on the window that you are going to tint. In many states the front windows of the car need to let more light in than the rear windows. You need to find out what the regulations are for all of the windows that you want to tint to ensure that you are not breaking any laws.


Getting your windows tinted is something that many people consider for the aesthetic appeal that this provides. However, when you do this you need to know what the darkest legal tint is so that you do not face a fine because of this. You should also consider how reflective your windows will become because this is regulated by the same laws.

Tint a Car’s darklest legal tint is dubbed Octane.

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