Home Tinting

Home tint is one of those things that require very little investment, but yield generous returns season after season. Whether the weather is warming up or cooling down, anytime is the perfect time to consider home tinting.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Here’s some of the many benefits tinting a home could provide:

Home -tinting

Home Window Tinting

  • Reduced glare – with supreme glare reduction, enjoy your home living spaces without distracting glare. This also means increased viewing pleasure without that nasty glare bounding off your television or computer screen.
  • Increased home energy efficiency – with less heat entering your home, your air conditioning system needs to work less hard to maintain a comfortable room temperature. This could lead to a direct reduction in your home cooling costs. Similarly, with less heat escaping through your windows in the cooler seasons, your heating needs less energy to maintain its set room temperature – resulting in decreased energy costs all year round!
  • Increased privacy – a range of home window tint that can provide an added layer of privacy from prying eyes, and help you feel safer in your own home.

With all of these benefits, it becomes clear that if you’re wondering “is home window tinting worth it?” is a definitive yes.

Learn More About Our Range

Speak to your local Tint a Car dealer to learn more about our range of home tinting film. With many choices to pick from and a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty for most installations, we’ll help you save more on the long term. Find out how much it is to tint home windows by getting a quote from the Tint a Car experts.

Home Window Tinting

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