Insulating Window Film

Window Films vs. Glass Replacement

In most homes and office buildings, windows account for approximately 40% of the total heat loss. It’s therefore important to provide some sort of insulation for your windows.

Traditionally, this meant the installation of double glazed windows, in which the air between the glass panes acts as a thermal insulator, slowing the transfer of heat through the window.

There are several disadvantages to double glazed windows though. Such windows are perfect in winter, but in summer they can trap heat inside your living spaces, making conditions less comfortable and increasing the demand for air conditioning.

Furthermore, they are expensive to install as your windows have to be replaced completely. These drawbacks could easily be resolved with the installation of insulating window film.

Insulating Window Film

EnerLogic insulating window film

Conventional window films control the heat and glare entering your home in hot, sunny conditions, but provide little in the way of a boost to the insulating ability of windows. However, EnerLogic insulating window films use revolutionary technology to insulate your windows in cold conditions as well, while still limiting solar heating in hot weather.

EnerLogic window films increase the insulation provided by windows by up to 92%, essentially giving single pane glass the performance of double glazed windows. Unlike the installation of traditional double glazed windows though, EnerLogic insulating window film can be applied to your existing windows, making installation simple and relatively more economical.

By deflecting heat in summer and retaining heat in winter, EnerLogic window films provide year-round energy efficiency, which means you get outstanding return on investment within a very short period of time.

Insulating Window Film Options

The team at Tint a Car are proud to offer two options for EnerLogic insulating window film – EnerLogic 35 and EnerLogic 70.

EnerLogic 35 is a semi-reflective insulating window film that is designed specifically for warmer climates. It deflects up to 76% of incoming solar heat, as well as 99% of UV rays, creating a comfortable environment and protecting the interior of your home or office.

It also reduces glare by up to 63%, and helps retain heat from the inside to help keep your living spaces warmer in winter.

EnerLogic 70 is a non-reflective insulating window film for houses of offices in cooler climates. It allows a much greater proportion of natural light to pass through (approximately 70%), and reduces solar heat by up to 49%.

Like EnerLogic 35, it also reflects 99% of UV rays, so items like curtains and carpets avoid sun damage, which will help to keep them looking new. Combined with its ability to insulate windows in winter too, it is perfect for cooler climates.

To find out more about what EnerLogic insulating window film can do for energy efficiency in your home or office, book a free no obligation quote online today.

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