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Choose the right tint shade that would just be perfect for such a luxurious vehicle

Whether you own a limo rental service or you are just looking for a limousine that you can use for a special occasion, you need to consider the right limo tint that would suit not only your taste but also the laws and regulations in the state where you live or operate. But of course, one of the best ways that you can make a limo look more desirable is to choose the right tint shade that would just be perfect for such a luxurious vehicle.

Limo tinting is one of the main factors that most customers looking to hire a limousine looks at, when picking a limo for rental. However, looks are not the only factor that you should consider when tinting a limo. Depending on your location that you operate your limousine service, you might need to take into consideration your local limo tint regulations too.

The Cost

There are many different limo designs and the total cost of the limo tint would depend on several factors. However, as a rule of thumb, the number of windows that your limo has is a major deciding factor. Car tinting services would normally quote their prices based on factors such as type of window tint film, any technical considerations on installing window tint for your limo or removal of old window tint film.

The Right Shade

Generally speaking, almost any vehicle looks sleeker and stylish with tinted windows. This is due to the fact that a car with tinted windows appears much more impressive and striking compared to one with only clear glass. Silver, white and black limousines would all look fantastic with darker tints because the dark limo window tint would increase the aesthetic appeal of the already beautiful car.

Limo Tint Black

The Safety Factor

Window tints help to hold glass together in the event of an accident or breakage. Helping to prevent further damage or injury, and improve the safety of both the chauffer as well as the limo passengers through the use of limo tint film.

The Laws and Regulations

State and federal laws may only allow a certain degree of darkness of car window tints. These regulations should be carefully considered when picking the right shade of dark limo tint. In most cases, the level of visible light that passes through a car’s windows (known as the VLT measure), is the basis of deciding whether your limo tint film is violating legal limits or not.

If you are not quite sure which tint to pick for your limousine, speak to the experts at Tint a Car. With a dedicated team of limo tinting professionals with a strong understanding of your local limowindow tint film regulations, our team of experts could help you decide which limo tint film would work best for your individual needs, considering aspects such as type of limo and service operated.

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