Low-E Coating

With windows often seen to be the most contributing factor of heat exchange, glass manufacturers are constantly trying to improve plain glass. This is where low-e coatings come in.

Low-e coating has been developed to reduce the amount of infra-red and ultraviolet light (of up to 99%) that passes through glass without compromising the light percentage. During the manufacturing process, low-e coating is applied to the glass to give it this additional property.

Low -e -coating

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While low-e coating on windows create a better layer of insulation compared to plain glass, you need to replace your existing windows to benefit from it. This is where window film comes in – with special tint film from Tint a Car, you could get most of the advantages of low-e coatings without the high costs of replacing your existing windows.

The benefits of installing this low-e coating film  includes up to 76% reduction in solar heat and the reduction of glare by up to 63%, but sill allowing as much as 70% natural light to enter.

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