Mirror Window Film

Mirror window film is a great alternative to traditional darker shades of window film. This is especially true for high rise buildings and office complexes, where privacy is important.

Exceptional benefits

Mirror film for windows has many benefits, compared to plain non-tinted glass. These include:

  • Exceptional heat and glare reduction – With up to 85%, 99% ultraviolet and 95% glare reduction, keep your workspaces cooler and save on utilities with mirror window film. This is because your air conditioning system needs to work less hard to maintain its set temperatures.
  • Increase the privacy of your interior spaces – mirror window film is a great way of keeping prying eyes out, as it restricts visibility from outside.
  • Keep your carpets and furniture looking newer for longer – with reduced UV exposure; keep your carpets and furnishings from fading and discolouring.

Mirror Window Film

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