Octane Window Tint Review

Unprecedented level of darkness

Are you looking to tint your car with the darkest legal tint available in the market today? Consider Octane – the darkest legal tint film provided exclusively by Tint a Car! With some of the highest level in glare, heat and UV protection, Octane is one of the most versatile tints available in the market today – combining style and functionality at an affordable price.

Highest levels of privacy

Many customers who have conducted an octane window tint review also reported that octane offers one of the highest levels of privacy for a car’s cabin, when compared to some of the darkest tints available in the market today. These octane tint reviews also showed that this dark shade of tint film also resulted in a look that very few other tint films could match up to, when comparing each side by side with similar competitors.

Audi - Octane window tint review

Lifetime nationwide warranty

Another important factor that car enthusiasts who have independently conducted a review of octane window tint is the lifetime nationwide warranty. With most of our octane window tint applications, tint a car guarantees your tint job for life!, which means that you no longer need worry about your octane window tint peeling off or being bubbled after a couple of years.

Exceptional value for money

With many satisfied customers posting their individual octane window tint reviews on social media, the decision on which darkest legal tint film to pick has never been easier! With Octane tint film, you not only receive the darkest tint film available legally, but you also receive exceptional value for money (and don’t forget the Lifetime Nationwide Warranty too!).

Stores located across New Zealand

With an extensive number of stores located all across New Zealand, you’re guaranteed to be able to find a tint a car store close to you. With a heritage of supplying and installing only the highest quality tint film, Tint a Car has won the highest possible achievements in many car window tint reviews.

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