Reflective Glass Film

Why add Reflective Glass Film to your car windows?

There are many reasons why people add a reflective glass film to tint their car windows. There are practical as well as stylistic reasons for doing so. This article will cover the considerations that should be made before making the alterations to your car.

Tint Blocks Heat

The primary practical reason for adding a reflective glass film to car windows is to block out some of the heat from the sun. If you live in a very hot climate then the interior of the car can quickly become overwhelming. Of course, the air conditioning unit can be used, but this doesn’t help matters when your car is parked. The various degrees of tint will determine how much sunlight is blocked out, which will effect the heat inside the car.

Tint A Car Window Tinting Options


Many people (especially young men) add tinted windows for aesthetic purposes alone.

This addition to the car does offer a more stylish appearance, which is one reason it has become so popular. If you want to make your car different, then adding the reflective film is one option.

Reduces Glare

Another very important practical reason for adding a reflective glass film to the car windshield is to reduce glare from the sun.

This is actually a safety measure and it works very well. Even adding a light tint will drastically reduce the strain on the driver’s eyes, making driving less stressful.

Many accidents are caused because the driver is not able to see the road clearly (as well as noticing other vehicles).

Adding a reflective sheet to the windshield is strongly advised if you live in an open area, without much protection from the sun.


Many people add the reflective tints to the windows to provide additional privacy from those who would like to see inside their vehicle. It is known that many robberies take place after the criminal has looked through the windows. As these thefts are based on chance, the likelihood can be reduced by having darker windows (which makes it more difficult to see through). Reflective windows are the best option, as it’s almost impossible to see inside the vehicle.

Reflective films are inexpensive when compared to real tinted windows, and they have many uses. If you recognise any of the points above, you should think about having this film added to your own vehicle.

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