Translucent Window Film

A common misconception is that in order for window films to block out heat, glare and UV rays is that they have to be tinted. Believe it or not, there are translucent films out there that carry all the benefits of a tinted film. If you’re not all that keen on that ‘dark, tinted’ look, translucent window film might be for you.

In addition to making your car look great, you can also benefit from increased security as well as protection from UV radiation. From commercial vehicles to private passenger cars and trucks, translucent window film can offer many benefits.

Of course, using translucent window film enhances the outward appearance of your vehicle. In some cases, having windows film on your car can actually increase the value of the vehicle and make it more desirable to potential customers. And of course, you can choose from a wide variety of colours and tints in order to create the perfect look for your vehicle.

Translucent Window Film

Translucent Window Film applied on SUV

Applying a window film to your car helps to increase your vehicle’s safety, by holding together glass in the event of breakage or an accident. Shattered glass can cause series injury, and by preventing the glass from shattering, window films provide a safer environment for you and your passengers, preventing additional injuries in a collision.

Last but not least, using translucent window film will reduce your and your passengers’ exposure to harmful UV radiation, thus lowering your risk for skin cancer over time. This protective benefit also prevents premature breakdown and fading of your car’s interior, therefore preserving its resell value.

As you can see, applying window film provides many more benefits for you and your vehicle beyond simply making your car look good. It is important that when you decide to have window film applied to the windows of your vehicle that you ensure it is done by a professional. Tint a Car have over 50 years of industry knowledge and experience, plus with their 30-day money back you can relax knowing your car is in the hands of the experts.

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