What Is The Best Window Tint For Cars?

This article provides you with information on how you can determine what is the best window tint for cars based on your requirements.

Tint a Car has been supplying tinting services to New Zealanders for over 42 years, we pride ourselves on offering the best car tinting films, exclusive to Tint a Car.

Find out more about our tinting options listed below and what is the best tint for cars.

White SUV With Octane Coating

What Is The Best Window Tint?

What the best window tint film is will be based not only on quality but is also determined by your needs. We offer a range of tinting options that offer varying features from a basic tint offering excellent value for money right through to premium options using innovative ceramic technology to create a durable and premium tint, SPF50+ UV protection or safety & security film that protects against smash & grabs.

In terms of quality, we stand by the tints we use, even offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not completely happy, no questions asked! But what is the best window tint film we also believe comes down to the following reasons, all of which you get when you choose us!

  1. Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on the films
  2. Films that are government certified by ARPANSA to ensure highest quality
  3. A tinting network that is a member of the Window Film Association of New Zealand
  4. Installation by professionally trained Installers

Grey SUV With Spectre Coating

What Is The Best Window Tint Percentage For Cars?

What is the best window tint percentage for cars will be determined by the features of the film e.g. colour percentage, UV & heat protection percentage or glare reduction percentage.

Octane, our darkest legal tint and most popular tint film blocks 99% of UV rays providing excellent solar protection for you & your passengers. The tint percentage is the highest legal colour percentage available and with recent law changes in QLD, ACT, NT, WA & SA the tint percentage is even higher!

Spectre also offers 99% UV protection, but with the use of intelligent ceramic film technology it also blocks 91% of infrared heat and provides a 57% reduction in glare.

Formula One offers a UV protection of SPF50+ so also offers a high UV protection percentage.

Find Out What The Best Window Tint Film Is

Want to know more about what the best window tint is? Call 13 TINT to speak with one of our window tinting experts today.

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