Best Ceramic Coat Car Paint Protection

If you’re after the best ceramic coat car paint protection system, consider EliteX ceramic paint protection. Being one of the most advanced vehicle protection systems currently in the market, EliteX is a permanent, once-off application that is applied professionally and designed to last.

Best Ceramic Coat Car Paint Protection Near Invisible Protection

Advanced Hydrophobic Surface Protection

  • Ceramic technology – EliteX is based on ceramic technology, creating a hard, permanent super gloss finish.
  • Durability tested and globally certified – certified to the stringent standards, set out for Boeing compatible products, EliteX is offers the best ceramic paint protection, with unmatched durability at an affordable price.
  • Guaranteed protection – our Lifetime Nationwide Warranty* offers peace of mind against weather induced oxidisation, fading and loss of gloss due to bird or bat droppings, tree sap and bugs.

Learn More About Best Ceramic Paint Protection

Speak to your local store for more information about EliteX. Being one of the best ceramic coat car paint protection systems in the market and Tint a Car being one of the most reputed providers in the industry, trust us to offer expert advice for your individual needs.

*warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply

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