Best Way to Tint Car Windows

Want the best way to tint car windows?

Tinting car windows is a great way to give your car a facelift while matching your personality and lifestyle. However, with the many health benefits, tinting is much more than just visual appeal – with UV protection of up to 99%, car tint film helps reduce harmful exposure – much like sunblock.

While some say that a DIY job is the best way to tint car windows (especially for those on a very restrictive budget), this is not always the case when you consider the actual ‘costs’ of a DIY tint job.

Some of the factors that should be thought of when thinking of the best way to tint car windows are:

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  • Skill and patience – tinting car windows is not as straightforward as it may seem, especially for larger and modern cars with more curved glass. To ensure that you have a professional and streak free finish, much patience and skill is required.Tint a Car’s trained tinters are highly skilled and have years of experience, so you’d be in great hands.
  • Specialised tools and equipment – without access to specialised tools and tint applicators, you may end up with bubbled and streaky window tint. Considering the cost of these tools, investing in these tools and equipment may not be feasible if you’re only tinting one car.That’s the beauty of getting your car tint through Tint a Car, as they have everything they need for a professional finish.
  • The actual cost of a DIY tint kit – considering all this, you still need to budget for the actual tint kit itself. This, more often than not is not as cheap as they claim them to be – especially if you’re after a particular style or shade of tint.

Considering all these factors, most car enthusiasts conclude that the best way to tint car windows is to have the job done by a professional. Not only is this convenient and saves time, but it also means that you’re guaranteed a streak-free finish with the tint of your choice. Plus, with Tint a Car’s Lifetime Nationwide Warranty for most tint jobs, your investment is guaranteed for life.

Get in touch with our trained tinters to find out more. Find your nearest store and contact us today!

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