Car Fabric Protector

If you’re looking for an easy, yet long term solution on how to protect fabric car seats, consider our range of Sirius Car Care products. Being completely DIY, Sirius is a great option for those looking for the best fabric protector for car seats without the installation costs.

Options for Car Fabric Protection

TAC Fabric Protection Mockup 100X135
  • Sirius fabric protection – being an extra layer of protection for your car’s fabric, Sirius is ideal for new car fabric protection as well as those looking to reduce discolouration of an older car’s interior fabrics.
 TAC Vinyl And Leather Protection Mockup 100X135
  • Sirius vinyl and car interior leather protection –enhances and protects vinyl and leather surfaces against drying and cracking.
 TAC Tyre Black Mockup 100X135
  • Sirius darkest legal tyres – moisturises and helps prevent tyres from cracking, fading and drying out.

Find Your Nearest Store

Whether you just bought a new car and are looking for the best fabric protector for new car seats, or you are searching for an affordable option to rejuvenate the vinyl and leather surfaces of your older car, Sirius Car Care has a product to suit you.

Get in touch with your nearest store to learn more.

Car Fabric Protector - Overhead photo of convertable in hot sun

Protect & rejuvenate your cars interior

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