Car Leather Protection

Whether you just bought a new car with leather interior, or are looking for easier car leather protection for your current car, consider our range of Sirius Car Care products. This range of products are designed for each surface of your car, and you’ll love every one of them!

Designed for Long Term Protection

TAC Fabric Protection Mockup 100X135
  • Sirius fabric protection – provides a barrier against most common food spills and marks, and provides a great layer of defence against surface discolouration caused by UV rays.
 TAC Vinyl And Leather Protection Mockup 100X135
  • Sirius vinyl and car interior leather protection – designed to protect vinyl and leather surfaces against drying-out through everyday use. This can be used as a new car leather protection or to rejuvenate older leather surfaces.
 TAC Tyre Black Mockup 100X135
  • Sirius darkest legal tyres – moisturises and reduces UV damage that could cause cracking, drying out and fading. The level of gloss can be adjusted by simply applying extra coats.

Find Out More

Get in touch with your nearest store to learn more, or to buy the Sirius range of car interior leather protector. We can answer any questions you may have and provide advice on how to get that showroom-like car protection finish at home.

Car Leather Protection - Overhead photo of convertable in hot sun

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