Car Windowscreens

Benefits of Car Window Screens

While car window screens are generally a good way to reduce the amount of heat building up in your car, it could cause a compromise in safety due to reduced visibility. That’s where Tint a Car’s range of car window tinting comes in. Our range of car window tints provide superior heat and glare reduction (of up to 99%) compared to most car window screens, and don’t obstruct your view outside while doing so!

Car Window Screens

In addition to helping maintain a safer and more enjoyable journey, tinting your car windows rather than relying on a car window screen results in a much more professional and sleek finish.

Find a Window Tinting Solution for Any Budget

With a range of window tinting solutions to match virtually any budget, speak to your local Tint a Car store to learn more.

Given the many benefits of tinting vs car window screens, you’ll find that tinting is a much cheaper and better solution after all!

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