Ceramic Paint Coating

If you’re looking to add an extra layer of protection to your car’s paintwork without spending hours detailing it each week, ceramic paint coating might be for you. Give your car’s paintwork a high-gloss finish with our range of ceramic paint coatings for cars. Make your car shine without all the effort!

What is Ceramic Paint Coating?

Car Paint Protection Is Worth It - Ford Ecosport with Paint Protection

Ceramic paint coating is a revolutionary product that is professionally applied to your car’s interior and exterior surfaces. When applied by our professional team, ceramic paint coating provides:

  • Extreme durability and damage resistance against dust, debris and road grime, with up to 4 times the hardness of quartz based products.
  • Protection of paintwork against the effects of bug splatter, tree sap and bird and bat droppings.
  • Paintwork protection from weather induced oxidisation, fading and loss of gloss.

Learn More About EliteX

EliteX surface coatings are often regarded as one of the best ceramic paint coatings for vehicles. Being tested, proven and globally certified to the Boeing compatible standards, rest assured that your car is protected by the best.

Get in touch with your local store to learn more about EliteX and to book an appointment.

Car Paint Protection Is It Worth It - Near Invisible Protection on Sedan

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