Home Window Tinting Prices

Reduce heat build-up in your home with our window tint

Tinting home windows is a great way to reduce heat build-up in your home. And with films that restrict up to 99% ultraviolet rays, they could also help keep your carpets and furniture from fading and discolouration – which means they look newer for longer!

Living room - Home window tinting prices

Window tint price factors

  • The number of windows being tinted – the surface to be tinted plays a vital role in calculating the cost of home window tint. However, a larger surface area doesn’t always mean a proportionately larger bill; as you may be eligible to receive special discounts for large tint projects!
  • Type of tint film – our range of film includes Enerlogic window film, Designer films, Anti-graffiti film and security film, just to name a few. So depending on your specific requirements, your cost for window tint could vary.
  • Surface treatment before applying fresh film – If your windows have existing tint film that needs to be removed prior to applying the new film, or have any other special requirements before application, there may be an additional cost involved.

Get an obligation free measure and quote

Speak to your local Tint a Car store for an obligation free measure and quote. Not only would this allow you to get an accurate cost of window tinting based on your needs, but it could also help you clarify any questions that you may have, prior to tinting your home.

Or browse through more information on home tinting and the options available to suit your needs.

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