How to Stop Furniture Fading

Did you know that an effective way of how to stop furniture fading is home window tinting? Below, find out how to protect wood furniture from sun damage and how to stop your sofa fading in the sun with our home window tinting services.

Tint a Home specialises in home window tinting and is New Zealand’s most trusted window tinting network. We have been providing tinting services in New Zealand for over 42 years and offer a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on most of our films. Want to know more about how to stop your sofa fading in the sun and how to protect wood furniture from sun? Here is how we can help!

Window Tinting and How To Protect Wood Furniture From Sun Damage

Our window films are designed to reflect the sun’s rays and absorb sunlight. By stopping your furniture and flooring from being exposed to harmful UV rays and glare, this is how it stops your sofa fading in the sun and how it protects wood furniture from sun damage. And, in addition to this, there are some other great benefits of having tinted films installed on your home windows:

  • You and your family are also protected from the damage caused by UV rays
  • The tint acts as a layer of insulation so your home is at a more comfortable temperature all year round – your air conditioning and heating are more effective so you’ll notice a positive difference in your power bills too – win!
  • Added privacy (you can have reflective film installed that turns your window into a mirror so those on the outside can’t see in – alternatively you can choose lighter film shades so the appearance of your home isn’t altered but you still enjoy the benefits of protecting your wood furniture from the sun)
  • If you have security film installed, your home will be safer and more secure – the film holds shattered glass in place slowing entry into your home (this also keeps your family safer too in the event of severe weather or accidental breakages)
  • Glare is prevented – reducing reflections on screens

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