Is Home Window Tint Worth It?

Is home window tint worth it? It absolutely is! Below, we list the benefits of having your home windows tinted so you will be able to see why it is such a great investment and what makes home window tinting effective.

Tint a Home specialises in home window tinting and has been providing tinting services in New Zealand for 40+ years. We are New Zealand’s most trusted window tinting network. Here is what makes home window tinting effective:

Why Is Home Window Tinting Effective?

There are some great benefits to having your home windows tinted. Some of the reasons home window tinting is effective include:

  1. Privacy – we have a range of privacy films that prevent those on the outside from seeing inside your home during the day whilst still allowing natural light into your home. It means you no longer need to use blinds to obscure the view
  2. Glare reduction
  3. All-year-round comfort with our solar films that keep your home cooler through summer and cosier during winter months (this also has a positive impact on your power bills!)
  4. Dramatic reduction in UV wear and tear that can fade your carpets, floorboards & furniture
  5. Protection for you and your family from harmful UV rays
  6. Added security with our security films that hold shattered glass together slowing access into your home (and improving safety against injury if the glass is broken accidentally)

All of our home window films are also government certified by ARPANSA and we offer a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on all residential applications.

Is Home Window Tinting Expensive?

If you are wanting to know if home window tinting is expensive, our team will be able to provide you with a quote so you can determine how much it costs and what the investment will be given the benefits.

We also offer interest-free payment plan options as we now accept both ZipPay and Open Pay where you can split your purchases over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months with ZERO interest.

Is Home Window Tinting Effective? Ask The Experts Today!

Use our Store Finder and find your nearest store to ask your local window tinting experts ‘is home window tinting effective?’ or call 13 TINT to speak with our friendly customer service team.

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