Llumar Tint

A wise homeowner always looks for ways to improve the energy efficiency of their home. With energy costs continuously rising, finding solutions to save energy is an absolute necessity, as even the smallest and simplest improvements can make a big difference.

Llumar tint is one of the most well know and respected window film manufacturers in the industry, providing the best solutions to address this need for a more energy efficient home.

Llumar window tint is made of heavy-duty polyester films glued together utilising ultra-strong adhesive and is applied to the interior of a glass for protection.

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Tint a Car supply the Llumar range which can offer protection against the following:

  • Accidental Breakage: Llumar tint protects people who are in the house or car in the unfortunate event of glass shattering. These tint films are designed with such scenarios in mind, thereby helping to hold broken glass together, reducing the risk of further injury caused by glass shards.
  • Graffiti: When the film is installed, it creates an unseen protective coating on the glass, keeping it from getting vandalised or defaced.  Vandalism can also be remedied easily by simply peeling the film off and replacing it with a fresh layer of tint film. With the help of Llumar tint from Tint a Car, you wouldn’t have to worry anymore about expensive glass replacement.
  • Severe Weather Conditions: In the event of thunderstorms, windstorms and cyclones, it is common for property damage and injury to occur as a result of shards of glass and other debris that could cause harm. This could easily be overcome by the installation of Llumar window tint from Tint a Car, which could serve as an additional layer of safety film against adverse weather conditions.
  • Smash and Grab Incidents: Opportunist break-ins are unfortunately quite common, with more and more vehicle owners becoming victims of such thieves. Investing in Llumar safety film can be a powerful deterrent mechanism since it keeps broken glasses from completely shattering, which could help stop such attacks in the unfortunate event of one such incident occurring.
  • Sun Protection: Homeowners use drapes and blinds to keep the sun’s harsh rays from entering through windows and glass walls, especially during those hot summer days. Curtains and blinds can block the heat and glare, but also cut out natural light from filtering through your home. This can all be easily overcome with window tint films, tinted windows can reduce the harmful effects of UV rays, and block out heat and glare, all without sacrificing light.

Tint a Car offer the Llumar range with the backing of a company who has experience and knowledge from over 42 years in the business. Our installations come with a 30 day money back guarantee and real lifetime nationwide warranties, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing our professionally training installers are taking care of your windows.

To find out more information including the cost of Llumar window tint, call into one of our many stores, for professional advice and to obtain an obligation free quote.

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