Metallic Window Tint

Metallic window tint is just another type of tinting that you can use for your windows. It’s true that metallic window tint can be used for the windows in a building, but it’s a technique that’s mostly used for car windows. Metallic window tint has a very thin film that’s coated with an equally thin layer of metallic particles. Compared to the more often used dyed films, these metallic window tints can be both better and worse, though mostly better. Metallic window tints use that very thin layer of metal particles to reflect light, and aren’t affected the UV light.


Dyed Window Film

Dyed film, on the other hand, can easily break down from the strong sunlight, especially in times of high heat like the summer. These dyed films, while not as costly as metallic window tint, also don’t always provide enough protection against the glare of the sun, or its heat. Metallic window tint, on the other hand, can keep the insides of your car cooler by consistently reflecting the light and not breaking down.

Don’t worry about scratches, either, because a hard coating makes the film rather resistant to scratches. Metallic window tint may, however, interfere with reception of your radio. This has a greater chance of occurring if your rear window is tinted with metallic window tint as well. If this bothers you, you may use the cheaper dyed film tint to prevent this, or you may use the more costly carbon window tint for the rear window of your car.

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