Mobile Tint

Mobile tint is often offered by many tint providers as a more convenient way of getting your car windows tinted. In mobile tint services, a provider usually brings the film and tints your car windows onsite.

The benefits

While the most significant benefit of mobile tinting is that you’re never left without your car, there is quite a large drawback to it – your car’s tint job is not done in a controlled environment. This increases the chances of dust particles sticking on to your car window surfaces and tint film during the tinting process, which could result in an unprofessional finish.

In order to overcome this, Tint a Car carries all its car window tinting services in a carefully controlled environment. It’s because of this that we are able to guarantee the highest quality finish, backed by a limited Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on most tint jobs.

However, a tint from Tint a Car doesn’t mean you’re left stranded without a car in the process. Most of our customers have the option of a free loan car while their car is being tinted – meaning absolutely zero downtime.

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So for a quality finish that only Tint a Car can provide with the convenience of mobile tint, get in touch with your local Tint a Car store.

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