Octane Window Tint

Vehicle window tinting is extremely popular these days. Many people love the sleek vibe it gives cars, but tinted windows also provide an array of exciting benefits in general. Not only does it defend you from aggressive ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the sun, but it also helps cars stay cool during the warmer months of the year. Not to mention, the added value of increased privacy.

If you’re a Melbourne resident who would like to enjoy all the benefits of tinted windows on your car, then Tint a Car can help you out. At tintacar, we offer a range of diverse, premium quality window tinting options, and all our films our exclusive to our stores.

Octane The Darkest Legal Tint In New Zealand

If the darkest possible tint is what you’re after, then look no further than Octane. This exclusive film has the distinction of being the darkest legal tint that’s permitted in New Zealand. If you’re looking to achieve a cool, suave and stylish flair for your vehicle, then Octane window tint might be for you.

Not only does Octane have exceptional looks, but it also comes with the benefit of shielding you and your passengers from intense UV rays, decreasing heat, decreasing glare and maintaining privacy.

While Octane is a cool and popular choice of window tint, there are also many more tint options offered at tintacar. Other available products in our range include Ash Cool, Unbreakable, Bolle, Formula 1 and Midnight Express.

All of our tints have the primary advantage of reducing heat, glare and UV rays, however they each have unique looks and benefits. Take our Unbreakable tint for example, this exclusive film is up to 7 times thicker than standard films, helping to protect your windows from breakage and break-ins. Or our well know Formula 1 tint, which provides optimal visual clarity greater than any other tint. Then there’s Ash Cool, with all the benefits of great looks and lots of protection but with great value for money.

Your tint should reflect you and your lifestyle. We can help you find the right vehicle window tint to suit your needs, style and budget. So call tintacar, we’d love to hear from you! And don’t forget to ask about any deals we have available.

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