One Way Mirror Film

While one way mirror privacy window film is not legal in New Zealand, Octane – our range of darkest legal window tints are an excellent way of getting the one way mirror film look without an expensive ticket for driving a non-roadworthy car. With exceptionally deep blacks, our darkest legal tint is sure to satisfy those looking for the ultimate in looks and privacy.

One Way Mirror Film - Ford Sedan with Window Tint

Ultimate Privacy Day and Night – One Way Mirror Window Film

Octane is our most popular window tint due to the numerous benefits it has:

  • The ultimate heat and glare reduction – with great heat and glare reduction, stay comfortable even on the longer drives.
  • Exceptional protection – with up to 99% UV rejection, rest assured that you and your family is safe from damaging UV radiation.
  • Two colour options to choose from – with 2 dark coloured shades to pick from, get the right one-way mirror film-like look that you’re after.
  • Lifetime nationwide warranty* – peace of mind knowing that your tint is covered across the nation.

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Contact your local store for an obligation free consultation. Our team can work with you to determine your individual requirements and help you make a more informed choice in selecting the right privacy one way mirror window film for your needs.

* Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply

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