Privacy Glass Film for Cars

Applying tint film for your car windows is an excellent way of enhancing the privacy of your car, especially if you pick a darker shade of film. Tint a Car specialises in a range of privacy film for you to pick from, depending on factors such as your budget, the darkness level of your tint and lifestyle.

However, when considering the darker shades of privacy film, you need to be aware of your local regulations in tint films; this is known as the legal darkness limit. Breaching this requirement may render your car unroadworthy and you may even receive a ticket.

Privacy Glass Film for Cars

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The good news though, is that you don’t need to worry about accidentally breaking this requirement with Tint a Car’s darkest legal tint films, as we’ve done the research for you!

Our darkest legal tint films are guaranteed to comply with your local regulations in darkness levels, so you can invest with confidence.

To learn more about our privacy film for cars, speak to an expert at your local Tint a Car store. Our team is well versed in your local regulations and can provide you with firsthand information about which privacy tint would suit your lifestyle needs.

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