Reflective Window Tint

You may think you don’t need to tint your windows, however, the truth is that all homes could benefit from having the windows tinted. For one thing, tinting can actually reduce the sun’s heat by up to 85%. Aside from the heat, tinting your windows offers the added benefit of stopping 99% of the suns ultra-violet rays from entering your interior, and it also reduces glare by 95%.

But of course that really depends on the kind of tinting material you use. Certainly, not all window films are created alike, and they do vary in light transmission.

Reflective window tint film on an office building

Reflective window tinting is great for high rise offices, not only reflecting most of the sunlight but also reducing the effect it has by 85%, but this also depending on which film you decide to go with as some can have different levels of protection. And this can translate to savings in electricity especially in the summer because you can put the air con on low, using less power.

By reducing glare, it would be easy for your employees to get their job done. As they are feeling more comfortable. Also, the UV protection will also protect the upholstery and everything else inside so that they last for a long time. The best film to use to keep out the glare and UV rays is a dual-reflective window film.

But aside from protecting yourself from the sun, there are other reasons why you should coat your windows with reflective window tint.

If the tinting material is thick it can actually prevent the glass from totally breaking and flying in shards in cases of extreme weather like storms and earthquakes. It can also deter burglars from breaking into your property because the glass would be too hard to break, or the film will hold the shattered pieces together.

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