What Is The Best Ceramic Window Tint

If you are thinking about tinting your car windows with a ceramic tint and want to know what is the best ceramic window tint you can get, read on! Below is information on what is ceramic tint, Tint a Car’s ceramic tint, Spectre and what makes it the best ceramic window tint you can get. We are New Zealand’s most trusted window tinting network with over 42 years of experience providing tinting services. We specialise in all things window tinting – our films are exclusive to us, are government certified by ARPANSA and are supplied by the largest supplier of window film in the world. We also offer a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on most of our films. Here is what ceramic tint is and the benefits of ceramic technology.

What Is Ceramic Tint?

What nano ceramic tint is, is a window tint that is made up of ceramic particles designed to reject heat, glare and harmful UV rays. Nano-ceramic technology is the latest and most innovative car window tinting technology. It is non-conductive to heat and offers superior performance when it comes to infrared & UV ray rejection and glare from the sun. One of the most notable features of ceramic technology is that because it is non-metallic it doesn’t interfere with your in-vehicle technology (eg. GPS, mobile phones).

What Makes Spectre The Best Ceramic Window Tint?

Spectre’s innovative technology means that it far exceeds the performance of standard films with the highest level of infrared heat rejection in our film range. It is long-lasting and with its fade-resistant deep black colour (multiple shades available), it looks amazing without compromising on your visibility (day or night). Spectre is specifically designed to provide zero interference to the signals from electronic devices including:

  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • Satellite navigation
  • Keyless entry
  • FM, AM and digital radio station reception

All our tints are high quality, and Spectre is no exception. We offer a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on this film and it is installed by professionally trained installers.

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