Window Film

Most homes, offices, and commercial places use a lot of windows to bring in light and give the enclosed space a feeling of openness. However, this at times leads to loss of privacy, loss or gain of heat or other security problems that need to be guarded against. Window film can not only be applied to home or commercial places, but also car windows.

Using a window film is one such fairly inexpensive ways of addressing the problems that arise from the use of glass. When applied to car windows, it can also give you the same savings in running costs, it can prevent you from having the air conditioner or heater as much as you normally would.

Window Film ApplyWindow Film Applied

Most window film is a thin polyester sheet having the necessary adhesive to hold on to the glass. Most of these films are manufactured with another backing liner that protect the adhesive during transportation and requires to be peeled off before the window film is installed.

It is possible to govern the amount of light that this polyester film allows in to a room, and this is done by using dyes in various concentrations to darken the film. Further improvisations have been made in such films to add strength to them, so that they also enhance security. Some films are made to be scratch resistant.

Installing a window film can greatly increase the privacy of a home, especially during the day. The effect of the sun and its heat is also greatly reduced, and the installing of such window film can help to reduce energy bills by preventing conduction of heat through glass.

The thinness of the films also allows it to be easily used in curved glasses like in automobile windows. The use of such glass with film is much cheaper than installing specially manufactured tinted glass.

The installation itself is a fairly simple process. Care needs to be taken to see that film is stretched properly during installation and to see that there are no unsightly wrinkles or air bubbles between the glass and the film.

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