Window Insulation Film

Installing an insulating window film on your windows allows you and your family to experience a cooler summer and a warmer winter, and save on the bills.  Tint a Car offers two main types of insulating films: solar window films and the low-E film.

Window -insulation -film

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Solar window films block out up to 79% of solar heat, reduces glare by up to 93%, as well as blocking out 99% of the harmful UV rays. Not only does this window insulation film provide that extra layer of sun protection for your family, but it also reduces the chances of your carpets and furniture to fade. Tint a Car’s solar insulating window film come with Lifetime Nationwide Warranty for residential applications and up to 15 years for commercial buildings.


The EnerLogic window film is a high performance insulation coating that dramatically transforms your windows to be more energy efficient. Annually, you’d see a difference in the overall energy consumption, whilst lowering your carbon footprint.

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