Car Tint Removal

We’re on a mission to rid New Zealand of old bubbly tint!

While there are plenty of articles and videos online explaining how to remove car tint, removal of old car window tint is not quite as easy or straightforward in most cases. Depending on the type of tint film to be removed, Tint a Car recommends the use of specialised tools and chemicals to ensure a professional finish.

Car window tint usually comprises of two layers bonded together. The top layer usually peels off easily, but this causes the second layer to stick onto your car’s window and tear off and flake; which is why the tint film should be removed in one piece, to ensure that no sticky residue is left behind.

Silver wagon - Car tint removal

Avoid unnecessary damage to your car

Window defrosters and window mounted radio antennas are a couple of other factors that should be considered when removing car window tint. Damage to these circuits could cause these devices to malfunction, which could often cost much more to replace than having your old tint removed by a professional.

Affordable window tint removal

We at Tint a Car provide affordable window tint removal services, guaranteeing a streak-free finish every time. With a range of tools and chemicals available at our disposal, removing your old car window tint has never been easier.

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