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Window Tint Installation

Your local Tint a Car team are also experts at home window film installation. Home window tinting is one of the best additions you can have to your home. Benefits of Home Window Tinting With various benefits throughout the year such as:  Improved overall privacy of your home  Improving insulation and reducing energy bills during […]

Window Tint Care

Caring for car window tint is something that should not be taken lightly – tints that are taken good care of will last for years, looking new just as the day they were applied. Drying Time One of the first things to remember immediately after applying window tints is the drying time. Most window films […]

Window Film DIY

If you’re wanting to purchase window film, clean and polish the surface, and then apply the tint onto the window, what could possibly go wrong? DIY Tinting Concerns Understand that there are a number of drawbacks to DIY home window tinting: Proper Measurement and Application – average home tools just won’t cut it when compared […]

Tinted Windows

Tinting Your Car Windows Having tinted windows on your car can be beneficial for various reasons other than providing a degree of privacy. Firstly, it can be used to block out any harmful ultraviolet or UV rays that may penetrate your car. This penetration will not only damage the car’s interior, but can also cause […]

Replace Illegal Tint on Car

All states across New Zealand have a maximum level of darkness for car window tint. This is known as the visual light transmission (VLT) level. With the exception of Northern Territory and Western New Zealand, New Zealand states require that personal vehicles maintain a 35% VLT on all windows (except the front windshield, for which no window tint […]

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