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While many believe that DIY window tinting is cheaper than obtaining the services of a professional window tint company, it’s not always so. Of course, while a DIY tint kit may seem cheaper considering only upfront cost, there’s more to be measured than just your initial price.

Things to consider:

  • A professional finish – most first time window tint installers find it hard to obtain that ‘professional finish’ on their tint job, and are often dissatisfied with the result of their DIY car window tint kit. This may be due to the lack of experience in tint installation, restricting their ability to manoeuvre curved glass and tapered edges.
  • Access to the right tools – without the access to professional tint installation tools, many find it hard to install tint without bubbles and wrinkles. This could mean removing the tint and starting over again with a new windowtint kit, which could often cost just as much as having it done by a professional in the first instance.
  • Restrictive glass panels – many classical and sports cars have restrictive glass panels that aren’t as easily accessible. This could result in the necessity for the panels to be removed before tinting, which most first time DIY tint kit installers could have trouble with.

White SUV - DIY Car Tinting

So as you can see, the initial cost of tinting is not the only factor that should be analysed when considering car window tinting. Failing to consider your own capability in the installation of a DIY car window tint kit could often cost you more than the cost of having professional help in the first instance.

With a wide range of window tints available to suit virtually any budget, Tint a Car is sure to have a tint film that would fit your lifestyle needs.

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