Frosted Glass

The beauty of frosted glass – if there is one thing that can be said about frosted glass, is that it is truly a beautiful addition to any home or decor. Produced by either acid etching or sandblasting on a clear sheet of glass, this style has the ability to make glass translucent simply due to a scattering of light as it is transmitted.

If you’re looking to improve the privacy of your home or even office windows, consider installing frosted glass window film.

With the ability to have decorations or etches built into the film itself, you could customise your installation to suit the space it’s being installed on as well!

Frosted Glass 1

Benefits of Frosted Glass

There are many benefit of installing frosted glass film over actually sandblasting your windows. These include:

  • Reduced turnaround time – frosted glass film installation is usually much faster than replacing your existing glasses with actual frosted glass, because it is applied on your existing window surfaces.
  • Ability to change the design at a later stage – if you grow tired or feel like changing the designs of your windows, simple have the frosted glass film peeled and apply a fresh coat!
  • Reduced cost – you may find that its much cheaper to apply film on your existing glass, rather than having to refit your windows.

Frosted Glass 2

Obligation-free Measure & Quote

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