Window Protection Film

While most people consider physical precautions such as security systems and alarms when looking at how to protect your home, window protection film is one aspect that is often overlooked. With up to 7 times the thickness of standard window film, Tint a Car’s range of protective window film is an excellent way of improving […]

Window Protection

Security Laminates Security lamination on windows has become popular over the years due to the discovery that windows are the easiest way to break into or enter a property. It has been recorded that most of the time a break in occurs, is that the point of entry comes from a window been broken. Even […]

Window Frosting

Frosted window film is a very effective way of increasing the privacy of your bathroom or living spaces, while adding a touch of decoration and design while you’re at it! And because it’s applied to your existing windows, the turnaround time is quick and economical as opposed to replacing with frosted glass. Unmatched versatility Keep […]

Stained Glass Window Film

Give your home windows a personal touch with our range of decorative window films. With many different options to choose from including stained glass window film, your options are endless! Decorative Window Film A range of designs and colours – with a range of colours and designs to choose from, and the option to have […]

Shop with Openpay

Tint a Car have partnered with Overpay to help you purchase our services now, but pay in your own time. Control your finances and cash flow by paying in set installments over a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month period with zero interest! Personalise your payment plan by choosing how frequently you pay, as only […]

Security Glass

Security glass is used in situations where safety and security are the primary concerns, should someone attempt to break the glass in a robbery attempt, or in a vehicle, so that glass will not shatter in an accident. Laminated glass is used for entrance ways, glass floors, aquariums, display cases, and museums. The lamination of […]

Security Film

Benefits of Security Film Security film is an excellent way of improving your home’s security, by reducing the possibility of break-ins. It acts by strengthening the glass, and holding together the shattered glass fragments in the event of forced entry or shattering, helping reduce the likeliness of flying shrapnel. Given the fact that security film […]

Safety Glass Film

Window film is becoming increasingly popular with car owners. While many homeowners rely on safety glass film for their residential glass windows, more and more car owners are feeling the need to protect their cars and it’s contents. Car safety and security window films are up to 7 times thicker than standard window films, and […]

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