Window Protection

Security Laminates

Security lamination on windows has become popular over the years due to the discovery that windows are the easiest way to break into or enter a property. It has been recorded that most of the time a break in occurs, is that the point of entry comes from a window been broken.

Even when a good alarm system is in place a window is an easy way for a burglar to get into your home or car, and leave again before your armed response company arrives. Solutions in the past used steel bars over window coverings. The problem arose that the bars were unsightly to look at and for business premises it gives off an idea that the property is located in a dangerous area.

Security laminates are very similar to tinting films that are used for window protection, the laminate is applied onto the glass surface with an adhesive. This adhesive ensures that the window will be able to withstand large amounts of force placed on the glass.

There are even laminates strong enough to withstand:

  • collapse from earthquakes
  • bullets
  • bomb blasts
  • forced entry break ins
  • accidental impact
  • protects from shattered glass

Security window protection laminates are a great way to protect your home and car from unwanted theft. They come in various colours and tints to suit your preference. You additionally are able to choose a security laminate strength to suit your particular needs.

Window protection film laminate

Treated Glass

This type of window protection is usually used on car windows but now has become a popular option for home owners trying to add additional protection to their homes. The glass is laminated with an inner most layers made from a durable plastic, the laminate is what enables the glass to remain intact when it experiences an impact.

The glass adds not only a security feature in protecting you from the broken glass, it can help to deter theft, as the glass is incredibly difficult to cut through or forced out of the window frame. Ensuring a higher standard of protection.

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