Graffiti Prevention Strategies

If you’re looking for strategies to prevent graffiti, consider our range of anti-graffiti protection window film. With the ability to apply protection to virtually any glass surface, protect your display, store frontage or office windows from graffiti with ease! Get Graffiti Protection, and Much More Cheap and easy to replace – because the anti-graffiti protection […]

Glass Safety Film

Glass safety film is a revolutionary film that adds protection to your home, store-front or office – on the surface that’s most vulnerable (your windows!). Our range of safety film for windows are made with high quality bonded layers, which means that the film is designed to absorb impact and resist shattering. Benefits of Safety […]

Frosted Window Film

Frosted film applied to your home or office windows are a great way to increase the privacy of your internal spaces without impeding the entry of natural light. And with the option of having custom designs on your film, you could even add a touch of class and design while you’re at it! Some awesome […]

Frosted Glass

The beauty of frosted glass – if there is one thing that can be said about frosted glass, is that it is truly a beautiful addition to any home or decor. Produced by either acid etching or sandblasting on a clear sheet of glass, this style has the ability to make glass translucent simply due […]

Frosted Film

Get the look of a frosted window with our frosted films, without actually replacing the glass. Your local Tint a Car team can quickly & easily apply window films to your home or office windows. Create a modern environment in your office or home, simply by covering windows or glass with frost film, instantly creating […]

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film is an excellent way of adding a touch of colour, design and elegance to your living or workspace. With a wide range of applications, decorative window film is a very versatile film that can be applied to any of your home or office windows. One Film, Many Applications Improve the privacy of […]

Commercial Window Tinting

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting There are many benefits of having your workplace windows tinted with commercial window tinting. And this goes beyond just improving the privacy or looking good. For example – Improve the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling systems – commercial window tinting could reduce the amount of energy exchange through […]

Blackout Window Film

Window films can help to reduce light, ensure privacy and are seen as a solution to reduce the light that does come in through glazing. They also act to deaden noise and save energy in the long run. Window films can be useful Window films are not limited to the exterior windows of a home […]

Anti Graffiti Film

Safety and security is one of the biggest concerns people have. Our Safety and Security films are up to 10x thicker than the standard films, which means they won’t shatter when hit with force. Not only are these films useful to be placed at the entry points of your home, but also on your shopfront […]