Glass Safety Film

Glass safety film is a revolutionary film that adds protection to your home, store-front or office – on the surface that’s most vulnerable (your windows!). Our range of safety film for windows are made with high quality bonded layers, which means that the film is designed to absorb impact and resist shattering.

safety glass film by tint a car

Benefits of Safety Film

  • Reduces the risk of injury from glass shrapnel – due to the strong adhesive properties of safety glass film, in the event of the window being broken, the safety film helps hold the broken glass together. This helps reduce injury due to pieces of glass being dispersed upon impact.
  • Improves protection from extreme weather conditions – helps strengthen your windows against flying debris in extreme weather situations.
  • Saves time and installation costs – due to our safety glass film being applied on your existing windows, the turnaround time (and cost) is much lower than replacing your windows entirely with a stronger, thicker glass. This solution means your windows are much stronger without having to invest in new pains of glass.

Learn more about safety windows for home by speaking to your nearest Tint a Car location. With extensive knowledge in the safety window film industry, they could answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

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