How Much Does It Cost To Get Windows Tinted?

If you would like to know how much does it cost to get windows tinted, the best thing to do is speak with one of the window tinting experts who will be able to provide a quote. How much does getting your windows tinted cost will depend on what you are having tinted (how much tinting needs to be done) and what kind of film you choose. For an estimate, we can tint a room of windows starting from $250.

Below we list the different type of window tinting film you can choose from and how you can get a quote to find out how much it costs to get my windows tinted.

Tint a Home is New Zealand’s most trusted window tinting network and has been providing tinting services in New Zealand for over 50 years. We offer a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on most films and interest-free payment terms (for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months) using Openpay. Want to know how much does it cost to get my windows tinted? Read on!

The Different Types Of Window Tinting Film

When considering how much does it cost to get my windows tinted, you will need to think about the type of film you require. Here are the different types of film we offer:

  • Solar window films that help reduce heat and glare and damage to your home furnishings & floor from harmful UV rays
  • Privacy films that maintain maximum daytime privacy while allowing natural light in your home
  • Reflective films that turn your windows into a mirror so those on the outside can’t see inside
  • Safety window film which is 10 times thicker than standard films and helps hold shattered glass together helping to prevent injury and safeguarding your home from break-ins as it slows access to your home
  • Decorative window film in frosted tints or custom designs, ideal for offering privacy, using as a divider or adding a touch of style with your customised design

Find Out How Much Does Getting Your Windows Tinted Cost

Ask your local home window tinting experts how much does getting your windows tinted cost. Use our Store Finder to locate your nearest store or call 13TINT to speak with our customer service team today.

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